All Day I Dream About Sex…

cj adidas tribute
I don’t know if many still remember the alleged backronym for Adidas, but growing up, we had more than a few laughs about it. Aside from that though, the simplistic “3 stripe” design was just what the doctor ordered at a time when REAL “hip hop” existed…. before the face lift!

Three simple stripes on a solid palette allowed us to combine and create any “style” of expression without many limits. it became a very popular logo in the hip hop community, especially after RUN DMC endorsements. The color of the stripes really held no significance, but every adaptation to date has retained the “3 stripe” traditional layout from the “leaf”… to the more recent “mountain shape” seen today, representing the possible challenge of mountain climbing.

I can’t be sure if there was “genius” involved in the simple stripes, or just luck, but it worked. With that, I can’t think of a reason to do any of it differently.

FUN FACT: “Adidas” was never an acronym or backronym for anything. It is actually taken from the name of its German creator Adolf “Adi” Dassler….. Adi – Das. So yeah, no one was actually dreaming about sex!!!

Nuff Said!!!