Nuff Said!!!

IRM: “Pencil Sketch” Promo

$15 DSLR Steadycam…? Oh I like this guy!!!

I guess there can be benefits and challenges to most DIY production gear, so obviously I’d recommend using extreme caution and due dilligence. You don’t wan’t to be the one who breaks an expensive camera trying to save a couple bucks!

After glancing over dozens of DIY ideas on the internet, I came across one that really caught my attention. They call it the “Silver Flyer” and the cost and complexity are extremely low, while the valued payoff is extremely high. The cost of a good stabilizer ranges about $80 – $400… not exactly practical for indie productions. More personally for me, I like a good “handheld” shot, but not with all the uncontrolled shakiness. Stabilizers are a good way to get those nice clean handheld shots. A Youtuber Jorge Martinez, posted his attempt at re-creating the infamous flyer, and all for under 20 bucks!

The basic materials are:

Traxxas 1651
2 3/4″ x 90 Electric Metal Tubes (L-shaped)
5 3/4″ Set Screw Couplers

1 Skateboard Bearing
1 Female PVC adapter
1 PVC Pipe
OR Skipping Rope handle with bearing

5/16 and 1/4 drill bits
1 x 5/16″ Hex Bolt
2 x 14″ and nuts
Plenty of washers

Whew…. got all that? I may try my hand at this one myself!!!